Lotterease Brings the Benefits of Charter Schools to ALL Children

Charter schools are proven to benefit the students and families in attendance with higher satisfaction, higher rates of graduation and 4-year college attendance, and even higher rates of voter registration. But, like Brett Peiser, Dacia Toll, and Richard Barth state in the NY Daily News, people – and more specifically, many of the presidential candidates – “talk about charters as if they are the enemy of public education.”

Why? Are charters the cause or even a catalyst behind traditional public school issues? Does removing charter schools from the public school system solve those problems?

One thing these candidates leave out: charter schools are public schools. They don’t choose their student body. They’re accountable and transparent and free. Automating that lottery process is how Lotterease contributes to Fair and Transparent Enrollment Lotteries for all children applying to charter schools. 

These charter schools are public schools. They are forward-thinking. And they’re an ally of the free, high-quality education parents and children long for.
Instead, these candidates want to take children from schools that fit their individual needs and place them back in the zip code-mandated schools they chose to leave, often because of bullying, large class sizes, or one-size-fits-all curriculum that doesn’t fit them. Do these charter school opponents really see that as a win?
Charter schools were created with the idea of improving education for all. To put the children, not the rhetoric, first.

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