What Charter Schools Love about Lotterease

Charter school staff and administrators have a lot on their plates, including everything from the enrollment process to the educational process, and they must handle all of this while maintaining detailed records for transparency and auditability.  These administrative tasks require a lot of time and can limit staff availability for the students and families at their schools.

Our mission at Lotterease is to make their work easier. The use of Lotterease and our full range of Easysuite products can take these tasks down from year-long maintenance to the click of a button.

How do we do that?

Paperless Lottery Processes

Paper applications can monopolize charter school offices with the time it takes to send them out, ensure they are properly filled in, scan them, transfer the information, run the lottery, check the lottery, send out the results, answer calls about the results, answer emails about the results, update the results, update the parents, keep notes about every step of the way… and the school year hasn’t even started yet.

But, as we move forward in this age of technology, there is an easier way. Lotterease is a completely-online lottery system that automates most of that process. Our staff walks you through setting up your lottery. Parents fill out applications online, and all that information is easily accessible when needed. When you’re ready, you run the lottery with one click. That’s it. Done.

Once the lottery has run, parents are sent automatic, customizable notifications about their next steps or place on the waitlist, and they have 24/7 online access to view that waitlist. When there are any significant changes, our system automatically sends another notification. This clears up so much confusion for parents, and that makes it easy for our schools.

Unlimited Training and Support

When someone says “automated software,” we typically think robotic and impersonal. Inhuman. Many software products are. You have an issue, you call… and get a computerized voice that never seems to understand your question. This can make the thought of entrusting your school’s lottery to such a system more annoying than helpful.

But that is what makes Lotterease different. When you call us, you get our designated customer support staff, a real person, that understands our system, our schools, and the importance of getting it right. We provide unlimited training and support to our schools, and are constantly taking feedback in order to make our system even more intuitive and therefore easier to use.

Auditable Data

We understand the importance of transparency for charter school communities, parents, and governing boards. Sifting through that mountain of paperwork is a task no one really has time for. Lotterease keeps track of every action in the system, an auditable history of every change on an application, every movement on the waitlist, every notification sent. Past lotteries can be archived and that information is stored and ready to be accessed if needed in the future.

Easy Reporting

The information held in our system isn’t just useful for auditing purposes. Reports are a great tool for presenting student data in a meaningful way. After years supporting hundreds of charter schools across the country, the Lotterease team has created dozens of report types, built right into our system, like Selected & Waitlisted Applications, Applications by Preference Group, and Most Recent Confirmations of Intent to Enroll. You also have the easy ability to customize or even create your own. A couple clicks, and you have whatever information you need, all throughout the year.

Your Lottery, the Easy Way

Lotterease was made to make your work easier, and we take pride in our system. We are elated every time we hear that it saves time and decreases stress for our schools, and that gives us the confidence to say it can do the same for you.

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