"What's made Lotterease such a game changer is the amount of stress it's relieved for staff and the time it's saved schools and families across the country."
Cyril Spiro
"What's made Lotterease such a game changer is the amount of stress it's relieved for staff and the time it's saved schools and families across the country."
Cyril Spiro

About Lotterease

“In my experience, Lotterease is definitely the best product out there. And, they have friendly staff members who truly care about your families and your credibility. So, they are working for you and with you whenever it comes to any kind of lottery question. The training is great, and it’s not really time intensive."
Kristine Bennett
Brooks Debartolo Collegiate HS

Build Trust With Lotterease

Not all charter school lottery methods are created equal. It is important to know that every applicant is given a fair chance. When parents see our symbol on their charter school’s website, they can be confident that their application will be included in the school lottery in a fair and transparent way.


Our System

Make your lottery as easy as possible with Lotterease!

We understand that there are a lot of different parts in the lottery process. From the registration of students to the drawing and notification of the selected applicants, the paper process is complicated. Our system is designed to make sure that you can handle all the steps that you’ll encounter with ease and at a price that your school can afford.

We’ve made sure to include all the features to the right to make the lottery process easy for you.

  • Run the lottery with just one click.
  • Manages weighted lotteries, siblings and twins.
  • Application data entered by parents will be ready for the lottery.
  • Siblings of a current student are added into the existing parent account.
  • Generates both selected and waiting lists based on the cutoff criteria for each grade.
  • Lotteries can be set as closed to new applicants online, but staff can continue to add applicants if desired.
  • Reports display a list of applicants by lottery status. Report include: Parent & Staff ActivityApplications Status ReportLottery History Log
  • System is secure and password protected for Parents and Faculty.
  • Our system is fully randomized and creates an auditable lottery.
  • Applicants are ensured to be fairly placed by using a random algorithm taking into account preffered status as permitted by the school system
  • Timestamped history log of parent activity is viewable on the portal.
  • Applicant movement on the waitlist is recorded in a History Log
  • All e-mails sent to parents are kept in a log
  • The Lottery can be run for multiple grades.
  • Applicants on the waitlist are ranked according to the lottery selection and sibling preferences.
  • The waitlist position can be checked at any time on the portal.
  • Staff has the necessary tools to adjust the waitlist.
  • All changes are logged and auditable.
  • Waitlists rearrange in real time.
  • Notifications can be turned on/off
  • Automatically emails parents when movement on a list occurs.
  • Mobile access to lottery results.
  • Notifications reduce the need for parent calls.
  • Staff is immediately notified of any failed emails to parents.


Here is what our schools have said!

  • The Lotterease program is addictive and I checked it at least once a day until my daughter finally got in mid-July; only 35 days before school started!


    Parent, Tampa
  • We were very pleased with the implementation.


    Belmont Academy Charter School, Lake City, Florida
  • We had a successful lottery! Incredible system. Thank you for your support!


    Roosevelt Children’s Academy, Roosevelt, NY
  • It is so much easier to use Lotterease than to do this by hand.


    Executive Director, Excelsior Classical Academy, Durham, NC
  • It was great as a first time applying to a lottery. I knew where I was at on the wait-list at all times. It was very helpful.


    Parent at Brookhaven Innovation Academy, Atlanta, Georgia
  • What normally takes us 2 hours only took 10 minutes. We couldn’t believe it was that easy to run a lottery.


    Principal at Westside Atlanta Charter, Georgia
  • The last of the part of the name, Lotter-ease, is what it’s all about. You made it easy.


    Valley Life Charter Schools, Visalia, California
  • The ability to limit applicants by age group is fantastic!


    Emereau: Bladen Charter, Elizabethtown, NC
  • It’s amazing how Lotterease will return an application to it’s original position if the sibling application is declined.


    Classical Preparatory Academy, Brooksville, FL
  • What used to take me 5 days to complete was finalized in only 2 hours using Lotterease.


    Terrace Community Middle School, Temple Terrace, FL
  • The Lotterease system makes our school look very professional and our enrollment has increased since we’ve started using it.


    Charter Schools of Excellence, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • It was a scary step for us, due to our growth, to evolve to a full lottery for next school year and Lotterease made the process very easy.


    LLT Academy, Tampa, FL
  • Vendors always say their software is easy, but Lotterease is actually very easy!

    Wes Graner

    STARS Charter School, Vass, NC
  • Thank you so much for your help! You all are the best vendor ever! Thank you for always following up!

    Shannon Treece

    Babcock Neighborhood School, Babcock Ranch, FL
  • You guys are great. I love the system. I love it, loooove it!

    Inye Durham

    International Community School, GA
  • God, I’m so happy you people exist. It’s so much easier than what we’ve had to deal with in the past. I never thought it could be this easy!


    Brevard Academy, NC
  • It was such a great experience. Everyone is very happy.


    Westlake Charter, Sacramento, CA
  • Everything was fantastic!!  No problems and no worries!

    Kim Earle

    Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy, Mooresboro, NC
  • Lotterease is the perfect name. It made our lottery so easy!

    Shandra Giles

    Coastal Preparatory Academy, Wilmington, NC
  • I’m happy as a sunflower. This is the easiest lottery that we’ve run in 17 years.

    Nina Miller

    Registrar, Clover Garden School, Burlington, NC
  • What would’ve normally taken weeks, took seconds!

    Monica Kuznar

    Anderson Creek Academy, Spring Lake, NC
  • You guys are worth your weight in gold. The response time is phenomenal. I can’t imagine starting a school without Lotterease.

    Sam Misher

    Nextgen Academy, Greensboro, NC
  • The calls from parents have been minimal. It’s unreal. It’s nothing like it has been in previous years.

    Victoria Harris

    Brooks DeBartolo Collegiate High School, Tampa, FL
  • Lotterease was the best thing we did! It made my job a lot easier.

    Lisa Ard

    Southeastern Academy Charter High School, Lumberton, NC
  • Lotterease has been a fantastic experience! There have been less questions from parents and it’s much easier to manage the waitlist.

    Anna Foley

    Casa Esperanza Montessori Charter, Raleigh, NC
  • I love the auto-translate into Spanish feature. That’s a big one!

    Sonya Armstrong

    DeKalb Academy, GA
  • It is so much easier to know who is coming to our school. And, it’s been a savior because we know we’re in compliance.