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Our System

Make your lottery as easy as possible with Lotterease!

We understand that there are a lot of different parts in the lottery process. From the registration of students to the drawing and notification of the selected applicants, the paper process is complicated.  Our system is designed to make sure that you can handle all the steps that you’ll encounter with ease and at a price that your school can afford.

We’ve made sure to include all the features below to make the lottery process easy for you.

Ease of Use:

  • Run the lottery with just one click.
  • Considers sibling and twin pairings.
  • Application data entered by parents will be ready for the lottery.
  • Siblings of a current student are added into the existing parent account.
  • Generates both selected and waiting lists based on the cutoff criteria for each grade.
  • Lotteries can be set as closed to new applicants online, but staff can continue to add applicants if desired.
  • Reports display a list of applicants by lottery status. Report include: Parent & Staff Activity, Applications Status Report, Lottery History Log



  • System is secure and password protected for Parents and Faculty.
  • Our system is fully randomized and creates an auditable lottery.
  • Applicants are ensured to be fairly placed by using a random algorithm taking into account preffered status as permitted by the school system
  • Timestamped history log of parent activity is viewable on the portal.
  • Applicant movement on the waitlist is recorded in a History Log
  • All e-mails sent to parents are kept in a log



  • The Lottery can be run for multiple grades.
  • Applicants on the waitlist are ranked according to the lottery selection and sibling preferences.
  • The waitlist position can be checked at any time on the portal.
  • Staff has the necessary tools to adjust the waitlist.
    • All changes are logged and auditable.
  • Waitlists rearrange in real time.



  • Notifications can be turned on/off
  • Automatically emails parents when movement on a list occurs.
  • Mobile access to lottery results.
  • Notifications reduce the need for parent calls.
  • Staff is immediately notified of any failed emails to parents.